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The CE-11W2 must be installed vertically as shown in figure 2

  • Following the measurements indicated in figure 1, place the blue plastic ramplugs until they are flush at wall level, then place the bolts inside the plugs (10 x 1"), leaving the screw heads about 1/8" out.
  • Hang the heater and slip it down until it is firmly attached to the wall. If it is not firm enough, remove the water heater, drive the screws a bit more and slip the heater again into the screws, against the wall.



Cold water inlet (right side) and hot water outlet (left side) have a 1/2" FLARE CONNECTION (see fig. 2)

  • Apply pipe sealing compound to the water pipes coming out of the wall and place the NPT adapter to the FLARE (see fig. 3). Do not use pipe sealing compound on the FLARE
  • Cut two 12"-14" lengths of flexible 1/2" copper tubing, insert two 1/2" FLARE nuts and countersink both ends of the copper tubing with the proper tool.
  • Lightly bend the flexible copper tubes so the nuts fit properly in both ends of the FLARE on the wall and the CE-11W2, use two wrenches to tighten the connectors.
  • It is recommended to place a water valve in the cold water pipe line just before the water heater entrance, in this case the 1/2" copper tube should be shorter than the hot water tube.



At the lower end of the water heater you will find an electric terminal block with 3 power terminals. Place two 8 AWG cables at both terminal block positions marked with an "F" and a 12 AWG cable in the center of the block marked with a "T". The number 12 cable is connected to the ground and the 8 cables to a circuit breaker rated at 60 Amps. Don’t ever use electric cable inferior to the 8 AWG. An independent circuit breaker of 60 Amps should only serve the water heater. If you have any doubts, please call an electrician.


Once you have finished the electrical and plumbing connections your heater is ready to be used for the first time. Before turning on the circuit breaker, open any hot water faucet for about 30 seconds in order to take all the air out (purge) of the system. Shut the faucet and be sure there are no leaks around the pipes and tubing. The heater has two lighted indicators and an adjusting knob. The green light shows that the unit is properly connected to the AC line, and the red light shows that the unit is heating the water. The knob allows you to adjust the outgoing water temperature between 96º F- 158º F. After checking the previous steps your water heater is ready to operate. Turn on the breaker, open the hot water faucet and adjust the dial to the desired temperature.



In order to eliminate the water impurities there is a filter installed at the entrance of the incoming water into the water heater. In most cases, this filter can be cleaned every two or three years. If you begin to notice that there is a significant reduction in the hot water flow, turn off the circuit breaker, disconnect the electric cables, pull out the heater and let pressured water or air circulate in the opposite way. If the water used at home is usually dirty, cleaning could be frequent. For these cases we recommend the installation of an exterior water filter.

The installation should be supervised by a professional plumber or electrician and please follow the user’s guide carefully.



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