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The manufacturing of each heater is divided in two parts:

The Mechanic Part:

This is the only part of the heater that comes in contact with the water. Only high corrosion resistance materials such as copper, bronze and silver are used. Once this portion is assembled we introduce the heating elements manufactured by a very well known company which is Chromalox. Finally, the whole unit is tested under pressure of 200 psi for 30 minutes to assure a perfect fit in all parts.

Electronic Control Card:

This is the heater’s brain, where the on/off cycles of the heating elements are controlled. To assemble this electronic control card we use very well known electronic components such as: Motorola, SGS-Thonsoms, National and Rush. Testing and adjustments for each card are done individually.

Once, each one of the mentioned components are individually tested we proceed with the final assembly, connecting the MECHANICAL PART to the ELECTRONIC CONTROL CARD. Highly specialized personnel perform this portion of the process; once again, each heater is tested under extreme conditions to assure the final consumer the best quality product.



Unlike other tankless water heaters, TERMOTRONIC has been designed to work not only under normal circumstances, but also where water interruptions are frequent and mud, sand and high mineral concentrations are present or even when unexpected voltage surges or power outages occur. This makes TERMOTRONIC the most advanced water heater in the market.




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