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How does a traditional water heater works?

The traditional water heater has a deposit or tank where the water is collected and slowly heated. When the water reaches the temperature set by thermostat, it stops heating. This process could take some 90 minutes. Then, during the day, the heating element turns on and off in order to maintain the water hot. This is caused by the opening of a hot water faucet or just because the temperature of the water deposited in the tank got below the temperature set by thermostat. This means a normal water heater consumes energy trying to keep the water hot even when nobody is using it.


TERMOTRONIC is a water heater without a deposit or tank. It is flow activated. This system offers you four basic advantages over any other traditional water heater.

    Because it does not have a deposit or a water tank, the dimensions of its case are reduced to just 13" high by 7" wide and 3 1/2" in depth. This small size allows great space savings.
    TERMOTRONIC remains off as long as the hot water faucets are closed and will be turned on as soon as a faucet is opened, heating the running water that goes through the TERMOTRONIC. To accomplish this, TERMOTRONIC has two powerful heating elements that provide more heat than a regular water heater. If you unplug your traditional hot water heater and later you plug it back in, you will have to wait a long time before the water in the tank gets hot again. On the contrary, TERMOTRONIC will give you hot water as soon as you open the faucet; therefore there is no waiting, no plugging or unplugging.
    TERMOTRONIC constantly heats the water that flows inside, letting the user enjoy permanent hot water. Several showers can be taken one after the other without the need to wait until the water gets heated. Fill up a bathtub or a Jacuzzi, as well as use the washing machine and you will never run out of hot water.
    Last and most important reason to have TERMOTRONIC installed to replace the old one, is ENERGY SAVING ... because it just turns on when it is being used only, giving you savings up to 60% on your electric consumption compared to the use of a conventional water heater. Generally the money invested in the TERMOTRONIC water heater is paid by the energy saved during the first year of use.TERMOTRONIC, manufactured with the highest quality components available, under the strictest quality controls in each one of its four assembly steps and excellent services centers; assures its users years of enjoyment of this efficient hot water system.

... TERMOTRONIC a standard in new installations..


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